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Tap Into your Mind's True Potential

Whatever they told you to get you here is right! Its worked for a 155 Million people across the world and now you have a chance to experience the same state of comfort from the comfort of your home!

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All you need to do is Learn
One Simple Skill

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The Skill of Mastering Your Mind

We know we shouldn't stress, we know we shouldn't indulge, we want to do more but how do we get our mind to be on the same page!? The answer to that was given to us by our vedic wisdom and it lies in the control of the breath. By controlling our breath, we take control of our mind and amazing things begin to happen!


Through the Powerful Sudarshan Kriya Meditation!

A simple yet profound breathing technique inspired by ancient wisdom that helps bring you to an incredible calm never felt before leading you into tapping into your full potential.

Sounds Simple Right?
Here is why it works!

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If you went to Stanford, completing this course would be part of your credits!

Taught in Universities and Corporates

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2000+ Universities Around the world offer this as a part of their program

By effectively taking control of the breath, you can take Control of the Mind.

You Drop The Stress Effortlessly

The Sudarshan Kriya technique has been proven by numerous studies around the world about its ability to reduce cortison levels, the stress inducing hormone.

A One Pointed Focus, And Reduced Distraction

Beat the distractions caused by your environment by having a clear and sharply focused mind. Be it multitasking or doing one job from the start to the end.

You Get Deep and Full Rest

We usually underestimate the power of Deep rest but it is the very foundation for a stronger and energetic day. Meditation helps you bring deep and sound sleep

Emotions No Longer Get the Best Of You

One piece of bad news and everything good goes down the drain? Meditation helps bring balance and upscales your emotional intelligence

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From Students to Professionals to Home Makers

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The 4 days Online Breath & Meditation workshop offered by *"The Art of Living Foundation"* has put me into a really wonderful momentum. 
Post my COVID infection in April, undergoing the workshop was a transformative experience. 
Every day after Sudarshan kriya I experience a new energy in my mind and body. Breathing can work wonders and Sudarshan kriya proved it for me. I can sense the calmness and concentration improving on daily basis. 

Deepak Purohit CA, Mumbai


Almost every day one Program is beginning across the globe. Since everything's moved online, you can participate in this course from the comfort of your home at a time thats best suited to you!

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Offline Evening batch 

6.30 PM - 9.30 PM 

15th - 18th August 

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